Bristol Seafood has launched Seafood Singles, a new addition to its frozen retail line. The new offering features quality fish packed in perforated, easy-peel packs with a QR code connecting the consumer to recipes and sustainability information.

The new Seafood Singles include center-cut Atlantic salmon portions, and those with additional flavors including lemon & pesto butter or ginger & garlic butter.
Seafood Singles, convenience for 1, 2, 3 or 4.

“Shoppers appreciate how convenient and high in quality frozen seafood can be. With Bristol Seafood Singles, the consumer has easy access to the number of portions they want for their meal at a moment’s notice," said Iréne Moon, vice president of marketing and retail of the Portland, Maine-headquartered company.
Perfect dish ready in minutes.

"Combing this convenience with our values of sustainability, clean ingredients, gourmet flavor, and minimal packaging is something everybody can be excited about,”  Moon added.

Bristol’s Seafood Singles products are produced at the company’s facility in Portland, Maine, and shipped frozen.

The new line joins a growing retail range that includes IQF bags of scallops, shrimp, US-produced line-caught haddock and cod, My Fish Dish value-added skin packs in frozen and slack and sell SKUs, and a recently launched Grab & Go offering. 

About Bristol Seafood

Founded in 1992 on the waterfront in Portland, Bristol Seafood built a customer base throughout the United States.

The company has been named to the Top 25 Seafood Sustainability & Conservation list, the Top 25 Seafood Product Innovations, and is the first seafood company in the USA to earn a Fair Trade certification.
Bristol Seafood sources quality seafood, responsibly producing it in Maine, and bringing you convenience and flavor that you’ll love.

Source: Bristol Seafood