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Grow-out Module, Fishmeal Plant Project, Ice Machine. What Else Will You See at Seafood Expo Eurasia?
(3/2/2024) - TURKEY
The NFI Sushi Council Begins Inaugural Year
(3/1/2024) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Expo North America Returning to Boston with Latest Innovations and Trends
(2/28/2024) - UNITED STATES
Australis Introduces A New Generation of Human-Grade Single Ingredient Pet Treats
(2/26/2024) - UNITED STATES
Consumers Reward Reliable Sustainability Certifications
(2/23/2024) - ITALY
Skandia Ahumados Launches Two New Products
(2/21/2024) - SPAIN
NaturalShrimp, Inc. Files International Patent Applications
(2/19/2024) - UNITED STATES
Packaging: a Vital Link Between Brands and Consumers
Sustainability in Feed Production and Latest Trends in Research
(2/14/2024) - ITALY
Italian Consumers Can Now Choose the Best Smoked Salmon
(2/12/2024) - ITALY
Harpak-ULMA Introduces ULMA-Vision Inspection Solution
(2/9/2024) - UNITED STATES
Kontali Acquires Nasdaq Salmon Index
(2/7/2024) - NORWAY
Merck Animal Health to Acquire Elanco’s Aqua Business
(2/5/2024) - UNITED STATES
Premium Products Launched by Gourmet Tuna Brand Tonnino
(2/2/2024) - UNITED STATES
Experts in Salmon Production
(1/31/2024) - LITHUANIA
Boreal Artik is Revolutionizing the Fresh Fish Market
(1/29/2024) - SPAIN
Atlantic Sea Farms Launches Dried Organic Kelp Flake and Dried Organic Kelp Powder
(1/26/2024) - UNITED STATES
Forsea Unveils First Cultured Eel
(1/23/2024) - ISRAEL
Steakholder Foods Adds Plant-Based Shrimps to Expanding Range of 3D-Printed Seafood and Analogues
(1/22/2024) - ISRAEL
King Oscar USA Launches All-New Salmon Product Line
(1/19/2024) - UNITED STATES

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Under the nose of the Minister of Production: irregular entry of a Chinese squid jigger occurs with serious questions
Peru Last night, April 18, a hundred artisanal fishermen from the Port of Chimbote, in the Ancash Region, had to stop their fishing tasks because an immense Chinese fishing boat appeared in front of them t...
Indian Ocean squid price index: Flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii)
China In order to continuously enhance the ability to control squid resources and price influence, and conduct more accurate resource assessment and forecasting, the China Ocean Fisheries Association&n...
MSC certification of Dutch trawl fleet partly suspended
Netherlands The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) announces that the certificates for sole, beam trawling and flyshoot and otter trawl fishing in the North Sea will be suspended with effect from April 25, 2024. In...
Statistics │ Exports │ Mackerel │ Japan, China, Netherlands, Vietnam │ 2022-24
Norway Source: FIS by SeafoodMediaGroup  | Click to enlarge it    [email protected] www.seafood.media...