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Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global Returns to Barcelona to Bring Together the Global Seafood Industry
(1/30/2023) - SPAIN
Holmes Seafood is Sold to Portuguese Company Brasmar
(1/27/2023) - UNITED KINGDOM
The ISH Company Raises More Than U$5M in Seed Funding to Innovate Plant-Based Seafood Offerings
(1/25/2023) - UNITED STATES
Bristol Seafood is B Corp Certified
(1/23/2023) - UNITED STATES
North Coast Seafoods Relaunches the Popular Frozen Naked Seafood Line
(1/20/2023) - UNITED STATES
Coast Seafood Acquires Vega Salmon
(1/18/2023) - NORWAY
Thai Union Corporate Venture Fund Invests in French Algae Ingredients Startup
(1/16/2023) - THAILAND
ReelData AI Announces USD 8M Series A Round
(1/13/2023) - CANADA
Plainsight and MarineSitu Announce Collaboration to Propel a Sustainable Blue Economy Into The Future
(1/11/2023) - UNITED STATES
Salmon Evolution Q4: Batch #1 Fully harvested with Very Strong Results
(1/9/2023) - NORWAY
Sustainable Aquaculture Pioneer Forever Oceans Completes Environmental Footprint Assessment
(12/22/2022) - UNITED STATES
ESF Seafood Transforms Shrimp Processing With Industry Leading Renewable Energy Conversion
(12/20/2022) - HONDURAS
Heartland Catfish Company Eliminates Phosphate-Based Additive
(12/17/2022) - UNITED STATES
Global Seafood Alliance Releases Results of First Consumer Campaign
(12/14/2022) - UNITED STATES
Planet Tracker Provides Greater Transparency into the Seafood Industry with the Launch of its New Database
(12/12/2022) - UNITED KINGDOM
Michelin-Starred Armani Ristorante Sources ASC Certified Fish from Croatia
(12/7/2022) - FRANCE
The World’s First Cultivated Fish Fat Unveiled at the Big Idea Ventures Demo Day Showcase
(12/5/2022) - SINGAPORE
Northline Seafoods Announces Major Project Bringing New Innovations to the U.S. Fishing Industry
(12/2/2022) - UNITED STATES
Austral’s Aussie Karumba Prawns Take Supply Chain Transparency to New Levels
(11/30/2022) - AUSTRALIA
Advancing Fish Processing with the Latest in the FleXicut Family
(11/28/2022) - ICELAND

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China is importing value-added products of Russian origin
China The Chinese market remains the main market for domestic fish products. Russian fish goes to China not only as a raw material - fillets, minced meat, canned and other finished products a...
Catchs increased by 11% compared to last year - more than 1.25 million tons were caught
Russia Fed. According to the industry monitoring system, by March 21, Russian fishermen caught more than 1.25 million tons, which is 11% higher than the level of the same period in 2022. Source: Federal Agency...
Russia is the main supplier of pollock in Asia
South Korea Import volume by February 2023 down 28% year-on-year  Frozen pollock imported into Korea in February 2023 was 18,949 tons, down 25% from 25,365 tons in the same period last year, and the cumulati...
Lidl is committed to responsible aquaculture
Spain It plans to achieve 100% sustainable certification in all fish families this year Source: Lidl / FIS Lidl advances in its commitment to fishing and aquaculture sustainability and intends to achiev...