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The MSC Encourages Americans to Come Together For a Big Blue Future this National Seafood Month
(10/5/2021) - UNITED STATES
DanFish International Will be Held as an In-person Exhibition in October
(10/1/2021) - DENMARK
Collaborative Hub of Knowledge Sharing, Research & Professional Development for Sustainable Seafood Created
(9/29/2021) - UNITED STATES
Atlantic Natural Foods Enhances Taste and Texture in Reformulated TUNO Seafood Alternative
(9/27/2021) - UNITED STATES
SeaWell™ Active Packaging Systems Passes ISTA and ASTM Testing
(9/24/2021) - UNITED STATES
Pacifico Aquaculture Appoints Gustavo Araya Guzman as VP of Farm Operations
(9/23/2021) - MEXICO
Peruza and EFLA Implement Cobot Technologies in Iceland's Leading Production Companies
(9/20/2021) - LATVIA
Nomad Foods and BlueNalu Collaborate to Introduce Cell-Cultured Seafood in Europe
(9/13/2021) - UNITED STATES
A Passion for Seafood
(9/11/2021) - CANADA
Sustainable Seafood of Exceptional Quality
(9/9/2021) - FRANCE
The Excellency of the Tradition and Quality of Portuguese Canned Fish
(9/7/2021) - PORTUGAL
Pescavore, Wildly Responsible Tuna Snacks
(9/4/2021) - UNITED STATES
Young’s Seafood Teams Up with Annabel Karmel to Inspire the Next Generation to Love Fish
(9/1/2021) - UNITED KINGDOM
Maine Company Pushes Kelp into the Mainstream
(8/30/2021) - UNITED STATES
Norcod and Havlandet Marin Yngel Start Construction of New Cod Fry Facility
(8/25/2021) - NORWAY
Nofima Brings Together Leading European Organizations to Form The Millennial Salmon Project
(8/23/2021) - NORWAY
Vital Choice Seafood Receives A 2020 MSC U.S. Ocean Champion Award
(8/20/2021) - UNITED STATES
AquaManager Partners With Leading Tilapia Genetics Company Spring Genetics
(8/18/2021) - GREECE
Seafood that Keeps you Coming Back for More!
(8/16/2021) - UNITED STATES
Delicious Fresh Fish Without Anything Extra
(8/13/2021) - FINLAND

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Japan's Atlantic bluefin tuna quota for 2022 increases by 257 tons
Japan Japan's quota for Atlantic bluefin tuna for 2022 will be increased by 257 tons from a year earlier to a total of 3,483 tons, as per the decision of an intergovernmental fishery organization, the count...
Will more boats enter the shrimp fishery?
Argentina Today a new reformulation would be discussed at the Federal Fisheries Council (CFP) meeting and the situation has generated concern about the possibility that the number of vessels will continue to in...
Russian far east pelagic fishing situation
Russia Fed. The total catch of ivasi sardine, mackerel and saury by Russian fishermen as of November 21, 2021 amounted to 291 thousand tons, which is 16 thousand tons more than last week. The fishing progress ...
Pelagia won in the Supreme Court
Norway Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled in the case Pelagia had against the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the case of stopping fishing and trading in sandeel fishing with the subsequent confiscation of...