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Falklands government defines Illex fishing and transhipment licences in 2022

FALKLAND ISLANDS | Friday, September 24, 2021
At the final Executive Council meeting of the Legislative Assembly, elected members consid...


The fishermen of Santa Pola ask Commissioner Sinkevicius for collabora
Spain | 07:00 | The president of the Santa Pola Shipowners Association, Remedios Russo, reminds the commis... Full Story
Liberia Host Technical Fisheries Workshop On “Ending Illegal Fishing”
Liberia | 07:00 | The government of Liberia through the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, NaFAA ... Full Story
Fisheries Ministry develops giant trevally cultivation technology
Indonesia | 07:00 | The Directorate General of Aquaculture at the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry has ... Full Story
Peruza and EFLA Implement Cobot Technologies in Iceland's Leading Production Companies
Peruza, a production equipment company, and Icelandic engineering company EFLA have signed a contract to implement Cobot Technologies in Iceland's leading production companies.
Nomad Foods and BlueNalu Collaborate to Introduce Cell-Cultured Seafood in Europe
The new collaboration between Nomad Foods and BlueNalu accelerates market development strategy for cell-cultured seafood in the region.
A Passion for Seafood
Green Ocean values not only quality, but also a responsible approach to its products, this is why Green Ocean consciously and actively sources all its products from an accredited sustainable supply.
Sustainable Seafood of Exceptional Quality
By selecting the best seafood in the oceans and farms worldwide, the Escal brand is a guarantee of exceptional taste and quality of sustainable seafood products.
At 500 cans of tuna per minute
Spain The canning sector has awarded the Vigo company Hermasa, which manufactures cutting-edge intelligent machinery Neither more nor less than 500 cans per minute can produce the Smart Tunipack DC (Dens...
Cepesca asks Commissioner Sinkevicius to transform good words into more support and practical measures
Spain The Spanish Fisheries Confederation (Cepesca) has thanked to the Commissioner for Fisheries, Oceans and the Environment, Virginijus Sinkevicius, the visit that he started today in Galicia (Vigo) and w...
Some notes on the shrimp season
Argentina The first thing that occurs to me to say is thank nature for its exuberance and to emphasize that we do not always honor that privilege. From the biological and political measures of access to the res...
The Mediterranean is the marine area with the most mercury in bluefin tunas
Spain The Mediterranean Sea is the marine area with the highest levels of mercury in bluefin tuna, a long-lived migratory species that accumulates that metal in its body as it ages, which is why it can be u...