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IN BRIEF - 22.5% of European commercial fishing vessels accused of using forced labor

Monday, February 12, 2024

Europe is second only to Asia, whose companies, especially those from China, own nearly two-thirds of the ships involved in forced labor. An estimated 128,000 fishermen suffer horrific abuses as a result of forced labor on board fishing vessels every year, a figure that likely significantly underestimates the full scale of this crisis.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), abuses include physical violence, non-payment of wages and being required to spend more time in the workplace than allowed.

According to a recent report, 22.5% of commercial fishing vessels accused of forced labor are owned by European companies, led by Spain and the UK.

Most European countries - along with other fishing superpowers such as China, Indonesia and the US - have yet to ratify key treaties prohibiting forced labor on fishing vessels, such as ILO Labor Convention 188, while the relevant EU directive applies only to EU-flagged vessels or vessels operating in EU waters.

Even if countries comply with the ILO Convention and other key agreements, financial secrecy means that the ultimate owners of accused ships can continue to evade justice.

Crucially, ratification of these agreements will result in the proceeds of forced labor courts being consistent with the proceeds of crime under money laundering laws, making prosecution easier.

Source: Fishretail.ru

IN BRIEF - Dutch mussel producers visit the Ría de Arousa with Opmega

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

  • About thirty producers from the Netherlands are enjoying a visit to different Galician towns these days to get closer to a crop that is totally different from that grown in their country.
  • Part of the board of directors of Opmega accompanied the expedition on a trip through the Ría de Arousa that left all the members of the delegation fascinated.
Vilagarcía de Arousa - The interest of mussel producers in the Netherlands in punt farming was perfectly reflected in the numerous questions they asked the president of Opmega, Ricardo Herbón, on the trip they took this morning through the Ría de Arousa.
About thirty Dutch professionals embarked on this guided tour that is part of a broad program of activities that the delegation will carry out until next February 29 and that will also take them to the Ribeira fish market and several companies in the sector.
The trip, promoted by the Dutch organization that is in charge of the auction of mussels and shellfish, has been a discovery for many of its members who did not know in detail about mussel cultivation in Galicia, totally different from that in the Netherlands, where the mollusk It is collected in the sandy areas where the seed, previously extracted from the beaches, is deposited with trawlers.

IN BRIEF - Pacific Groups join global call for WTO to target big fishing fleets

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pacific civil society groups have joined others from around the world in an open letter calling on trade negotiators at this week’s World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial to ensure that any outcome on fisheries subsidies targets those fleets most responsible for overfishing, protects small-scale fishers and doesn’t stop small-island stated from developing their own fishing fleets.

The WTO Ministeral starts today in Dubai, with expected attendance from WTO Pacific Ministers and delegations.

“The negotiations on subsidies that contribute to overfishing are failing to address the real problem those historically responsible for overfishing, and is instead creating loop holes that the big fleets will be able to use. The current agreement lets those most responsible off the hook”, commented Adam Wolfenden, Deputy Coordinator of the Pacific Network on Globalisation.

The open letter has been endorsed by over 65 organisations from around the world, including in the Pacific Islands region.[...]

Source: Pacific News Services

IN BRIEF - Canadian report: Thousands of Chinook salmon wasted by trawl fisheries

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A new Canadian government report on salmon bycatch in the Pacific region groundfish trawl fishery confirms that thousands of salmon were caught and discarded as bycatch in the groundfish trawl fishery off the coast of British Columbia, most of them Chinook salmon likely thrown overboard.

The report released by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) on Jan. 22 confirmed that an estimated 28,117 salmon were caught, killed, and discarded as bycatch in the groundfish trawl fishery by Option A trawl license holders during the 2022-2023 fishing season, with Chinook salmon representing 93% or 26,273 of those fish. 

Chinook salmon are the main food source for the less than 100 remaining Southern Resident killer whales, who are listed by NOAA Fisheries as an endangered species. The DFO report said this catch of Pacific salmon was the highest recorded since 2008.[...]

Author/source: Margaret Bauman/The Cordova Times

IN BRIEF - Karen Mejía was appointed director of the Aunap, the fishing authority

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Its role is crucial in the development and transformation of fishing and aquaculture in Colombia.
Karen Elena Mejía Piñerez was appointed by the Minister of Agriculture as the new general director of the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Authority (AUNAP).
In a meeting that brought together fishermen leaders, Minister Mojica highlighted the importance of this appointment and underlined the central mission that will guide Mejía Piñerez's performance as head of the AUNAP. It is clear that fishing and aquaculture in Colombia need committed and visionary management, capable of facing current challenges and promoting positive change in fishing communities.
This is not the first time that Mejía has arrived at Aunap, as she had already held several positions in that entity, including Technical Director of Inspection and Surveillance, as well as General Director in charge for the last three months.

Source: El Heraldo

IN BRIEF - Establishing 'rebound' technology for farmed fish

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Feed One demonstrates compensatory growth
Feed manufacturer Feed One (Yokohama City, President: Hidehiro Shoji) will collaborate with fish farmers in 2023 to conduct a large-scale verification study of "compensatory growth", which is the so-called "rebound" growth of fish from cultivation, in which high growth occurs after the feeding that is carried out stops.
As a result of this 'interrupted' feeding restriction, for a period of 4 weeks, to 30,000 breeding bream during the summer, the amount of feeding was reduced by 24%.[...]
Source: Minato-Yamaguchi (translated from original in Japanese)

IN BRIEF - The struggle of the artisanal fishermen of Aysén against the privatization of the sea

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Fishing leaders and residents of Melinka see the Coastal Marine Spaces of Native Peoples as the only possibility to confront the salmon industry. The initiative should be resolved this February 29.
80% of the artisanal fishing workers in Aysén belong to indigenous peoples who see their source of income and the preservation of their profession threatened due to the ground that the salmon industry has been gaining in the country, as well as the threats due to the delivery from Maritorio to a future southern macrozone.
Given this situation, from Melinka, the only proposal defended by leaders and residents is the creation of Coastal Marine Spaces of Native Peoples (ECMPO). This was stated by the president of one of the independent federations of the northern fleet of artisanal fishermen of Aysén, Juan Carlos Torres, in a week where the Regional Commission for the Use of the Coastal Edge should resolve said matter this February 29.
"We have remained very attentive in all the presentations that CONADI has made, we have spoken with the communities and we have come to the conclusion that it is the only alternative we have to be able to protect the last and little that remains of the planet's seed resources," the leader said.

“We must protect the last thing that is left in the south of the world. When the 110 thousand hectares were handed over to the salmon industry by the triple A, they did not consult anyone," he added. [...]
Source: Diario Uchile

Other Media | Industrias Pesqueras: State ports begin the year with a 3.4% increase in general traffic: fresh fishing remains

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ports of general interest began the year moving 45.6 million tons in January, 3.4% more than in the same month of 2023. Puertos del Estado highlights that "last year was marked by a slowdown in traffic ( 561.7 million tons, 3.3% less than in 2022), due to global geopolitical tension, which was aggravated in the last part of the year by the effects on maritime trade in the Red Sea passage."

In fishing, state ports remain practically stable, experiencing a slight drop of -0.8%, going from 7,699 tons registered in 2023 to 7,637 tons totaled this year.

Source: Industrias Pesqueras | Read the full article here

Other Media | SeafoodSource: WTO meeting begins with presentation of draft of agreement to curb fishing subsidies

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

An updated draft text of an agreement to end harmful fishing subsidies has been presented for ministerial approval at the WTO’s Thirteenth Ministerial Conference (MC13), which opened Monday, 26 February in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

WTO negotiators are seeking to build on a 2022 agreement that forbade the subsidization of illegal fishing by expanding the ban to subsidies that contribute to overfishing and fishing sector overcapacity at large. On 26 February, a further eight countries submitted their acceptance of the treaty, bringing the total to 70, with 110 needed for it to enter into force.

Author: Mark Godfrey / SeafoodSource | read the full article here

Other Media | FishFocus: No lice treatment needed with submersible salmon pens

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Recent findings have reinforced the effectiveness of deep farming, specifically through the Nautilus concept, in eliminating the need for lice treatments in fish farming pens. This approach, which submerges salmon into depths uninhabitable by sea lice, has enabled several fish farmers to achieve what has long seemed unattainable: completely avoiding lice treatments within their pens. SinkabergHansen was the first fish farmer demonstrating that deep farming could eliminate the need for lice treatment. Further results from other Norwegian fish farming companies utilizing Nautilus pens across various locations have shown similar outcomes, eliminating the need for lice treatments.

Source: FishFocus | read the full article here

IN BRIEF - 200,000 jobs were lost in the export sector during 2023

Monday, February 26, 2024

The total number of jobs generated contracted 4.9%. Traditional fishing, agriculture and hydrocarbons obtained the worst results.
At the end of 2023, exports provided employment – be it direct, indirect and induced – to 4 million 46,000 people, 4.9% less than in 2022, reported from the Global Economy and Business Research Center of the Association of Exporters ( Hundred-Adex).
There are approximately 200,000 fewer positions than the year before, explained by the drop in traditional agriculture (-31.4%), traditional fishing (-54.2%), hydrocarbons (-35.3%), clothing (-21 .7%), iron and steel (-13.9%), textiles (-8%), chemicals (-18.7%), wood (-23.7%) and miscellaneous (-5.2%).[...]
Source: La Republica

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