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IN BRIEF - Slaughter: 55% of the toothfish brought by the Tai An are juveniles

Friday, March 22, 2024

The vessel not only carried out illegal fishing of a species for which it did not have a quota, but also carried out fishing aimed at juveniles, violating all regulations and with the knowledge of the fishing authority.
It was decided that Prodesur will not be able to export this merchandise because it would involve Argentina in an international illegal fishing scandal with serious consequences.
The fishing authorities are aware that the Tai An ship was in flagrant violation of the Fisheries Law, at least since March 8 when the companies reported it. Today, when the case has become public and everyone already knows that of the 163 tons of toothfish, more than half are made up of juveniles and that it could become a scandal at the international level, the Undersecretary of Fisheries, Juan Manuel López Cazorla, He says that “the full weight of the law” will fall on him. The inspection of the discharge will continue today; The lawyers have not yet defined the sanction, but it has already been defined that, for the moment, the ship will not be able to leave again and that Prodesur will not be able to export the merchandise, which will be destroyed or auctioned.[...]
Author/Source: Karina Fernandez/Revista Puerto
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IN BRIEF - February fresh salmon import amount increased by 13%

Friday, March 22, 2024

The volume of fresh salmon imported into Korea in February 2024 was 1,393 tons, a 15% decrease compared to the 1,609 tons imported in the same period in 2023.

Total import volume was 2,796 tons, down 18% from 3,416 tons in the same period last year, accounting for 1.77% of total seafood imports of 158,274 tons.

As of February, 97% (2,704 tonnes) of imported fresh salmon came from Norway, 2% (59 tonnes) from Australia, 31 tonnes (31 tonnes) were imported from Chile and 2 tonnes (2 tonnes) were imported from the United Kingdom. (Scotland).

The import price by country was highest in Norway at USD 17.64/kg, in the UK at USD 12.52/kg, and in Australia at USD 10.97/kg.

The import amount of fresh salmon in February was USD 27.3 million, a 13% increase compared to USD 24.2 million in the same period of 2023, and the total import amount was USD 48.74 million, a 5% decrease from USD 51.16 million in the same period last year.

The average import price was USD 17.43/kg, up 16% from USD 14.98/kg the previous year.

Source: Union Forsea Corp

IN BRIEF - 'Ginka Gin' Coho salmon will arrive for the first time on the 28th

Friday, March 22, 2024

The general meeting was held at the Ishinomaki fish market 25 days later than last year, as sea water temperatures rise.

The "2024 Farmed Coho Salmon General Acceptance Meeting" of the Raw Fishing and Fishing Boat Attraction Promotion Committee of Ishinomaki City was held at the Ishinomaki Fish Market on the 19th. Ishinomaki coho salmon is a fish in high demand under the brand "Kinka Gin", but the harvest has been delayed this season due to growth delays due to rising seawater temperatures. At the meeting it was decided that the shipment would arrive on the 28th, 25 days later than the previous year.

The delay in the start of sales is due to the fact that the work of placing fry, which are sensitive to heat, in cages has been delayed between three and four weeks compared to usual due to the increase in sea water temperature . Another contributing factor was that the young fish were not eating enough food and were not growing.

The value of farmed coho salmon landed at the Ishinomaki fish market last year was 4,446.75 million yen. This season's arrival is expected to be 5,000 to 5,200 tonnes, down from last year's 5,900 tonnes. On the 28th, when the first shipment arrives, it is planned to handle between 2.5 and 3 tons from Bunmaru Suisan (Ayukawahama, Ishinomaki city).

IN BRIEF - VASEP Infographic: Vietnam's tuna exports in the first 2 months of 2024

Friday, March 22, 2024

Vietnam's tuna exports decreased in February 2024, but thanks to good growth in January, cumulatively in the first 2 months of the year tuna exports still increased by 21%, reaching 131 million USD . Tuna exports to main markets still increased over the same period.

Author/Source: Nguyen Ha | VASEP (translated from original in Vietnamese)

IN BRIEF - Unprecedented giant squid marking project, led by IFOP and GEF Humboldt II project, in the Coquimbo Region

Friday, March 22, 2024

Within the framework of the execution of the Biological Study Program of giant squid (dosidicus gigas) in Chile (GEF Humboldt II - IFOP), between March 13 and 17, the marking activity of squid specimens was carried out on the coasts of the Coquimbo Region , in the port of Guanaqueros.
The general objective of the Program is to establish a biological study program of the giant squid "jibia" in Chile in sectors outside the fishery, with emphasis on renewal and growth rates, complementary to the studies carried out in the monitoring project.
Among the different specific objectives is the study of migratory patterns of the giant squid through a mark and recapture study. In this context, 50 giant squid were marked with spaghetti-type external marks and two squid marked with satellite transmitters. The relevance of this activity lies in obtaining information on the distribution of the squid in situ, such as the horizontal and vertical migration that this cephalopod carries out on our coasts.
The first results obtained from the satellite transmitters are expected in the next 15 and 30 days. If positive results are obtained, this would be the first successful experience in our country in relation to the marking of these animals.
The team that worked on the shipments is: MSc. Karen Belmar Salinas (Project Manager), Dr. Patricia Zarate (Researcher) and José Durán, Semi-senior scientific observer.
Source: IFOP

Other Media | SalmonBusiness: Cooke harvests Chile’s first organic salmon compliant with EU standards

Friday, March 22, 2024

Cooke Chile has successfully harvested the first certified organic salmon in Chile after a four-year process.

The project, located in the Cupquelan fjord in the Aysén Region, initially represents 25% of Cooke Chile’s total production.

Achieving EU organic production standards required significant financial and human resource investments, according a statement from the company. Prior to production, Cooke had to empty, clean, and sterilize its facilities

Source: SalmonBusiness l Read the full article here

Other Media | La Voz de Galicia: The EU Attorney General endorses the cancellation of the fishing agreement with Morocco

Friday, March 22, 2024

The 92 Spanish licenses to fish in Moroccan waters are still pending appeal before the CJEU

The Advocate General of the EU has proposed this Thursday to the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) that the Council decision concluding the partnership agreement for sustainable fisheries with the Kingdom of Morocco be annulled because she considers that it violates the principle of self-determination of the territory of Western Sahara by not treating it as "separate and distinct" from Morocco.

Source: La Voz de Galicia l Read the full article here

Other Media | Fish Focus: Seafish launches 2024 seafood processing survey

Friday, March 22, 2024

Seafish launches 2024 seafood processing survey. UK seafood processing businesses encouraged to contribute essential data through short survey.

Researchers from Seafish, the public body that supports the UK seafood industry, have started contacting businesses as the organisation begins its annual processing survey.

The survey helps paint a picture of the processing sector in the UK by collecting socio-economic and financial data. The more data collected, the more accurately the sector will be represented and understood.

Source: Fish focus l Read the full article here

Other Media | Fish Farmer: Norwegian salmon prices flat as Easter approaches

Friday, March 22, 2024

The price of fresh salmon in Norway has fallen for the fourth consecutive week and is now at its lowest point since the end of January.

According to Statistics Norway, which monitors prices in a regular basis, the fresh variety was down to NOK 106.19 per kilo (£7.88) last week (week 11).

Just a month ago, export fish was selling at NOK 111.25 a kilo (£8.26) with predictions that it would go higher as Easter approached. It now appears that, unless there is a late surge over the next few days, it looks as if there will be no Easter bounce this year.

Source: Vince McDonagh / Fish Farmer l Read the full article here

IN BRIEF - Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries Annual report 2023

Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Directorate of Fisheries' annual report for 2023 has been published.

The report contains a management report from Director of Fisheries Frank Bakke-Jensen, an introduction to the business, a detailed overview of last year's activities and results, a review of management and control of the business, an assessment of future prospects and the annual accounts for 2023.

Annual report 2023 (pdf, 12.7 MB)

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