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Other Media | FiskerForum: Trawler Launch Gets Presidential Approval

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

One of the series of new trawlers under construction for the Russian Fishery Company hit the water with Russian President Vladimir Putin watching at the Admiralty yard in St Petersburg.

The 108 metre Mekanik Sizov is the third in the series of ten such vessels being built for RFC at the yard under the investment quotas programme, while the company has already taken delivery of its first new trawler, Vladimir Limanov, which was built for the company in Turkey.

Author: Quentin Bates / FiskerForum | read the full article here

Other Media | The Fish Site: GM canola gains sustainability certification

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A genetically modified strain of canola that’s been engineered to produce the long-chain omega-3s required in many aquafeeds has been awarded Friend of the Sea certification.
The award, to Nuseed Nutritional’s Aquaterra oil, is FOS’s first biotechnology certification. FOS says that it delivers the nutritional benefits of microalgae through renewable canola and grows on existing cropland. The unique fatty-acid profile enhances production performance by elevating total omega-3 levels needed for higher-quality nutritious fish.

Author:  Amod Salgaonkar / The Fish Site | read the full article here

Other Media | Industrias Pesqueras: WWF asks the Government and citizens to support 30% of AMP

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The name of the campaign is # SalvemoselMediterránea, and the objective is to achieve an “effective” protection of this sea by the 2030 horizon, articulating a network of Marine Protected Areas that covers 30% of the marine surface of the basin.

They are the axes of the new initiative promoted by the NGO WWF, whose main target is the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera. The organization pursues the involvement of the head of the ministry and also of the citizens: in parallel, it has launched a collection of signatures to ask the Government of the “well-managed” 

Source: Industrias Pesqueras | read the full article here

Other Media | Mundo Acuicola: IFOP signs an agreement with an important university in the United States

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Agreement will promote the study of the interaction between fishing activities and marine mammals.

In Chile, 52 species of marine mammals * have been reported. To this group correspond several species of whales, killer whales, dolphins and the best known, sea lions. In the last decade, the State of Chile has taken measures to take care of the populations of marine mammals that inhabit or transit through our sea.

Source: Mundo Acuicola | Read the full article here

Other Media | IPac: BlueNetCat will hold the first edition of the MarineHUB in November

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Xarxa d’R + D + I Marítima de Catalunya (BlueNetCat), will celebrate the first edition of the MarineHUB on November 9 and 10, 2021. This forum will have among its objectives to disseminate the activities that BlueNetCat carries out to promote the transfer of knowledge to society; present and publicize innovative projects in various areas of blue growth and serve as a forum for debate and generation of ideas in the Blue Economy.

Source: Ipac | read the full article here

Other Media | Industrias Pesqueras: The Falklands fleet points to the MSC seal to differentiate its production of loligo squid and to prove its good

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Convinced that it is one of the best managed squid fisheries in the world, with the highest fishing standards, and aware that in the current global market for fishery products not only is it enough to affirm it, but it must be proven, the fleet of joint ventures with capital from Spain and Malvinas have set a new goal: to achieve the MSC Marine Stewardship Council certification for the Loligo or Patagonian squid (Loligo gahi)

Touza announced that the Falkland fleet - made up of 16 large trawlers with Vigo capital that exclusively fish Patagonian squid and that is almost entirely destined for the EU market 

Source: Industrias Pesqueras | Read the full article here

Other Media | aqua.cl: In Chile: Scientific vessel sets sail to investigate common hake

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Last Saturday, July 24, the scientific vessel (B / C) "Abate Molina" from the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) set sail from the port of Valparaíso (Valparaíso region) to evaluate the stock of common hake, using the method hydroacoustic, between the northern limit of the Coquimbo region and the Los Ríos region.

The scientific journey will last 33 days, the captain of the ship is Enrique Quiero and the chief of the cruise the fishing engineer Esteban Molina.

Source: aqua.cl | Read the full article here

Other Media | Fishfarmingexpert: Tierra del Fuego’s ban on ‘big salmon’ moves a step closer

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The government of Tierra del Fuego has officially approved a bill to ban large-scale salmon farming from being established in the Argentine province’s sea and lakes.

The move follows the unanimous approval of the bill by Tierra del Fuego’s legislative council, reports MercoPress news agency. 

Author: Gareth Moore | Fishfarmingexpert | read the full article here

Other Media | EuropaAzul: A study will determine the situation of cod between Iceland and Spitsbergen

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

A research study will determine the Norwegian cod situation around the island of Jan Mayen, between Iceland and Spitsbergen. A new exploration campaign will be carried out in September to determine whether or not there is a separate population between Iceland and Spitsbergen, according to the website Artic Today.

Norwegian scientists are trying to determine whether the waters of Jan Mayen are home to a different cod population. For this reason, Norway is trying to continue exploratory fishing in the area around Jan Mayen island to determine if cod has established there, scientists from the country's maritime research institute have said.

Source: EuropaAzul | Read the full article here

Other Media | SalmonBusiness: Ireland’s first dedicated Marine Innovation Park proposal rejected by planners

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Páirc na Mara refused permission by Galway County Council.

Páirc na Mara, a development which includes the provision of a number of marine-based facilities as well as education and research facilities, has been rejected, reports Connacht Tribune.

Páirc na Mara is envisaged as a marine industry hub over nine hectares, with a focus on aquaculture research. 

Source: SalmonBusiness| read the full article here

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