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A new way of measuring fish welfare in wild-capture fisheries

NORWAY | Monday, January 30, 2023
When excessive quantities of mackerel are crowded tightly together in the net, the fish ex...


Replacing single-use plastic film with algae-based biodegradable edibl
Portugal | 05:00 | The most common technique in the world of food packaging is single-use plastic films. With... Full Story
Fresh report on copper from aquaculture facilities
Norway | 04:10 | The Directorate of Fisheries is concerned about the effect copper used in the aquaculture ... Full Story
Skretting : 'A leap forward for farmed Atlantic bluefin tuna'
Spain | 03:00 | The production of juvenile Atlantic bluefin tuna within aquaculture systems has moved ... Full Story
Holmes Seafood is Sold to Portuguese Company Brasmar
The acquisition of Holmes Seafood, benefiting from its privileged location in the largest inland fish market in the UK, will allow Brasmar to expand its presence in this geography, increasing the commercialisation of its products to British consumers.
The ISH Company Raises More Than U$5M in Seed Funding to Innovate Plant-Based Seafood Offerings
The funds will primarily be used to propel The ISH Company and plant-based seafood into the flourishing plant-based foods market, help the company continue to create more innovative products, and lay the groundwork for future partnerships.
Bristol Seafood is B Corp Certified
Bristol Seafood has announced that it became a certified B Corp, making it a part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.
North Coast Seafoods Relaunches the Popular Frozen Naked Seafood Line
North Coast Seafoods, leaders in premium quality, Certified Sustainable seafood, is relaunching their popular Naked Seafood Collection with new packaging and size options, available from this month.
'This Olympic race on shrimp is not good for anyone'
Argentina Eduardo Boiero is the president of CAPeCA, the chamber that brings together most of the historical pole boats that developed the fishery. In this interview he talks about the shrimp quota, not only as...
Russian fishermen go with an excess of last year's catch by 15%: almost 280 thousand tons were caught
Russia Fed. According to the industry monitoring system, by January 24, 2023, Russian fishermen caught 279.3 thousand tons of fish, which is 15% more than in 2022. In the Far Eastern fishery basin, the catch amo...
Commercial fishing through auctions
Ukraine The beginning of 2023 was marked for the fishing industry by significant changes in the processing of permits for commercial fishing. "One of the main goals of the implementation of the experi...
Cocaine in a tuna can container headed for the UK
Ecuador Ecuadorian authorities managed to seize 924 packages of cocaine destined for Great Britain. The drug was hidden in a container that intended to leave from one of the Guayaquil seaports. In addition to...