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Statistics │ Worldwide Catches │ Pacific Salmon │ 2019-2022

WORLDWIDE | Friday, June 09, 2023
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Global Fishing Watch to reveal all human activity at sea with investme
United States | 07:00 | USD $60 million funding will catalyze a new initiative to apply AI and satellite data to h... Full Story
Ecuador Relentless in the Fight Against IUU Fishing
Ecuador | 07:00 | Ecuador’s fishing industry is of great importance to the country’s economy. Ec... Full Story
Tiny Greek island threatened by fish farm set to dominate 25 per cent
Greece | 07:00 | The following is an excerpt from an article published by euronews.green: ‘We cannot... Full Story
SeaPak and Morey’s Join Ocean Conservancy’s Global Ghost Gear Initiative
The two companys have announced on World Ocean Day that they have joined GGGI to help eliminate one of the most harmful forms of marine debris: abandoned and discarded fishing equipment known as “ghost gear.”
New Polling: Americans Unified on Sustainable Seafood and Food Security
Four out of five (83%) adults nationwide say that the health of the ocean and its ability to provide seafood is personally important, according to a new Morning Consult poll for the Walton Family Foundation.
Seafood “Canton Fair” Brings New Business Opportunities to Seize the China Seafood Market
With over 1000 exhibitors, the Global Seafood Trade Fair will showcase a wide range of aquatic products, frozen goods, processed seafood, and equipment, covering the entire industry chain of production, processing, and seafood trade.
Loch Duart Salmon Pioneers Sustainability and Health Advancements with BioMar’s innovative Blue Impact Feed
Loch Duart has furthered their commitment to raising the best-tasting salmon with the lowest possible impact on the environment by switching to global aqua feed producer BioMar’s new Blue Impact diet.
How a fishing boat in Lyttelton was stolen on the other side of the world
New Zealand A fishing trawler in New Zealand is at the centre of an international embezzlement scandal involving Ukraine, Russia and Cyprus. The Aleksey Slobodchikov is a 4400-ton freezer trawler with 80 sailors...
Pakistan to bring more seafood products through KKH to Chinese market
Pakistan Pakistani and Chinese governments are making joint efforts to bring more Pakistani seafood and agro products through the Karakoram Highway (KKH) to the Chinese market. Source: Quora / Wiki / ABR / ...
Ecuador Relentless in the Fight Against IUU Fishing
Ecuador Ecuador’s fishing industry is of great importance to the country’s economy. Ecuador has the largest tuna purse seiner fleet in the Eastern Pacific; it is the second largest canned tuna pro...
Australia publishes final report for shrimp risk review
Australia The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry takes the biosecurity risks associated with imported prawns seriously. We have released the final report for the Review of the biosecurity risks o...