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Donegal Fish to transform fish processing with help from Brexit Processing Capital Support Scheme

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND | Monday, May 29, 2023
Donegal Fish will transform the processing of pelagic fish and create 30 new jobs at its n...


Shrimp industry enterprises face difficulties because of vague data on
Viet Nam | 02:00 | Large enterprises in the shrimp industry all think that seed is a hot issue today, it is n... Full Story
Economic consequences: Russian fish replacing Alaska’s in China
United States | 01:00 | Most Alaskans might remain oblivious, but economic fallout from the Russian invasion of Uk... Full Story
The Role of Satellites in Monitoring Aquaculture and Fisheries for Sus
Poland | 01:00 | Satellites are playing an increasingly important role in monitoring aquaculture and fisher... Full Story
Volvo Penta Introduces All-New IPS Professional Platform
Volvo Penta has introduced the new Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) professional platform – this groundbreaking innovation offers unparalleled comfort, performance, and sustainability for a new class of marine vessels.
Adding Value to Your Fish Product Line
Global demand for convenience fish products is on the rise and Marel offers various solutions to produce value-added fish and seafood products, Marel's innovative crumb-management system delivers high quality coated products.
The Shrimp of the Future
A shrimp with a name of its own, of high culinary value and Spanish soul, through and through, Noray works with passion, effort and commitment to offer a 100% local shrimp, farmed in a sustainable environment.
Elsinore Affordable Masago Caviar Available at Waitrose Supermarket
Launching Elsinore Masago caviar into a mainstream supermarket taps right into the growing market of sushi-making at home and its affordability is likely to be a major draw for consumers.
The turnover of fish products between Russia and China increased by 80% in the 1st quarter of 2023
Russia Fed. The export of Russian fish products to China in January-March 2023 amounted to 271 thousand tons for a total amount of USD 553 million, which is more than 2 times higher than in 2022 in terms of weigh...
Zhouyu Company Squid Full Processing Automation (Intelligent) Demonstration Project
China Striving to be the first to leapfrog development丨The first batch of full-process automation demonstration projects for deep processing of aquatic products in our city were put into operation ...
Russian fishermen caught more than 2 million tons of fish - 5.5% higher than last year
Russia Fed. According to the data of the industry monitoring system, by May 24, 2023, the volume of production of aquatic biological resources by all Russian users increased by 5.5% compared to the previous year ...
SCIENCE: Elucidation of the behavioral mechanism of snow crabs, Kanazawa University and the JFREA
Japan A joint research group including Kanazawa University and the Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency announced that they have clarified the mechanism of behavioral changes observed in male snow ...