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IN BRIEF - Maersk Finalizes ECO Delivery Deal with Amazon

Monday, September 25, 2023

Maersk ECO Delivery reduces global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprints through certified low emission fuel for ocean shipping as an alternative to fossil fuels

Florham Park, New Jersey – A.P. Moller - Maersk (Maersk) and Amazon have finalized a 2023-2024 agreement for the transport of 20,000 FFE containers using green biofuel through Maersk’s “ECO Delivery” ocean product offering. Maersk estimates this purchase will contribute to a reduction in 44,600 metric tons of CO2e vs standard bunker fuel, roughly equivalent to 50 million pounds of coal burned. This is the fourth consecutive year that Amazon and Maersk have arranged container shipping using low GHG fuel options.

The ECO Delivery biofuel option offers emission reductions that enable immediate and externally verified GHG savings for customers, without compensatory measures like offsetting. This year, Amazon will benefit from a new feature of the ECO Delivery product which will be enabled by also using green methanol in addition to the bio diesel as a second green fuel* in the vessel fleet. ECO Delivery is using primary data for fuel consumption in the methodology to report emissions savings with greater precision, inclusive of other greenhouse gases in addition to the CO2.[...]

Source: Maersk PR

IN BRIEF - Shrimp exports could total 3.4 billion dollars

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Hanoi (VNA)-Vietnam could reach about 3.4 billion dollars from shrimp sales abroad by the end of this year, a year-on-year decrease of 21 percent, as predicted by the Vietnam Seafood Processors and Exporters Association ( VASEP).
The same source reported that Vietnamese shrimp exports in November recorded 310 million dollars, a year-on-year increase of 3.5 percent. With that sum, the income from sending this item abroad during the first 11 months amounted to 3.15 billion dollars, a figure that represented a drop of 22 percent compared to the same period in 2022.
The main receiving markets for this product from Vietnam are the United States, China, Japan, the European Union and South Korea.
Shrimp exports remain dominated by price competition amid global oversupply and low sales values.
According to VASEP assessments, demand for shrimp in Southeast Asia and the Far East is expected to improve at the end of the year thanks to Christmas and the Lunar New Year. Prices could increase during that period.

IN BRIEF - China's largest fishery scientific research vessel sets sail for the first time to investigate fishery resources

Friday, December 08, 2023

China's largest comprehensive fishery scientific survey vessel, Lanhai (Blue Ocean) 201, recently set sail for the first time to carry out fishery resource survey tasks. After quarantine inspection by Shanghai Chongming Customs, the Lanhai 201 has departed from Shanghai Hengsha Fishing Port, according to local media reports on Wednesday.

The Lanhai 201 survey vessel is the largest investment, tonnage, and most advanced facility of its kind by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. It belongs to the East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and is a 3,000-ton fishery comprehensive scientific survey vessel. It was independently developed and designed by China and has global navigation capabilities (outside of polar ice regions).

Weighing 3,000 tons and measuring 84.5 meters in length and 15 meters in width, the vessel has a cruising power of 10,000 nautical miles and integrates advanced technologies, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

The vessel is capable of collecting and analyzing data and samples in various missions, such as fisheries resource survey and assessment, fishery ecological environment monitoring and research and tests on fishing gears and techniques.[...]

Source: en.people.cn

IN BRIEF - Thistle Seafoods looks to the future thanks to longstanding partnership with Aldi

Friday, December 08, 2023

One of Scotland’s largest family-owned manufacturers of quality seafood products is marking 20 years of partnership with Aldi.

The fifth-generation family business was established in 1947 in Boddam and has grown from strength to strength in recent years – a success owners credit to their long-standing relationship with Aldi and as a result of their innovative product offering.

Stephen Main, Commercial Director and Ryan Scatterty, CEO, with the Aldi team.

Thistle Seafoods started out supplying Scottish Aldi stores with just two products in 2003.

Today, their expanded product offering is available in every UK Aldi store with 39 different products including fresh Melt in the Middle Fishcakes, frozen Breaded and Battered Fish, and speciality lines for the festive season including Salmon Wellingtons and Luxury Fish Pies.

Headquartered in Peterhead, Thistle acquired a second site in 2022 in Uddingston as part of its strategy to develop a ‘sea-to-plate’ seafood processing business.[...]

Author/source: Morag Kuc / The Scotman

IN BRIEF - Blue fin tuna being caught and sold under new licences

Friday, December 08, 2023

Fishermen have been catching and selling blue fin tuna from UK waters on a trial basis.

A pilot fishery started in August, with seven of 10 licences going to fishermen in Cornwall and two in Devon.

The species is newly returned and stocks have been increasing in recent years, with researchers and the government closely monitoring levels.

They can be 10ft (3m) long, weigh more than 1,000llbs (454kg) and some this year have sold for more than £3,000.

It has been extended by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) by a month due to poor weather conditions making it difficult for the boats to get out over the autumn.

There are strict limits on quota, with each of the 10 licensed boats permitted 3.9 tonnes in total, and to catch no more than three of the fish on any one day.[...]

Author/source: Johnny O'Shea/BBC News

IN BRIEF - Pacific saury catch reached 20,000 tons at the end of November for the first time in three years

Friday, December 08, 2023

Zenma Sanma announced the total of saury landings for the 2023 fishing season as of the end of November. The amount of fish landed was 24,046 tons (35% increase compared to the same period last year), returning to the 20,000-ton level for the first time in three years since the 2020 fishing season (final 29,566 tons). However, because the average unit price was 30% lower, the value of the fish landed was 10,007,971,000 yen (3% decrease), lower than the previous fishing season.

In November, a single month increase of 8,575 tons (25% increase) was achieved. In addition to being visible off the coast of Sanriku in late October, schools of fish have been seen off the Sea of ??Okhotsk in Hokkaido, and for the first time in a long time, a major fishing ground has been formed in the waters near Japan. For the past two years, only large vessels were able to fish for saury, mainly in international waters, but small and medium-sized vessels are now able to fish for saury for the first time in three years.

The total was about 14,000 tons, including about 6,000 tons from the Sea of ??Okhotsk fishing grounds and about 8,000 tons off the coast of Sanriku. Approximately 60% of all catches have so far been caught in waters near Japan. It was a year in which the tide changed, with the amount of fish landings turning to increase for the first time in five years. [....]

Source: The Suisan-Keizai Daily News (translated from original in japanese)

IN BRIEF - COP23: good news for marine species and climate action in the Mediterranean

Friday, December 08, 2023

WWF celebrates today’s decision by Mediterranean countries gathered at the 23rd COP of the Barcelona Convention in Portoroz (Slovenia) to increase the protection of six threatened species of sharks and rays by prohibiting their landing and put in place better conservation measures for three others.

This is a crucial step forward for the protection of these species, especially in a region that has the highest percentage of sharks and rays threatened with extinction globally. It’s also an important contribution to the achievement of the 30% protection target of the CBD Global Biodiversity Framework.

To make this even more effective, we agree with the need to assess and mitigate the possible adverse socio-economic impacts of the decision and work with communities to support potentially required transitions, and secure incomes and livelihoods.

WWF also welcomes the decision to establish a Regional Activity Center for Climate Change in Türkiye aimed at increasing regional collaboration to accelerate action to address the impacts of climate change.

Source: WWF

Other Media | SalmonExpert: The passion for aquaculture of the new Commercial Manager of Imenco Aqua Chile

Friday, December 08, 2023

Felipe Kauak Martabid is an Aquaculture Engineer from the Austral University of Chile and specialization in strategic negotiation and sales team management. His experience in the salmon farming industry is more than 10 years, in which the first three years he worked in R&D-based companies, and then he worked for seven years in a recognized multinational company, technology provider for the industry. of the salmon. And since Tuesday, December 5, he is the new Commercial Manager of Imenco Aqua in Chile.

Author: Loreto Appel / SalmonExpert | Read the full article here

Other Media | Industrias Pesqueras: Europe updates the list of authorized facilities for ship recycling

Friday, December 08, 2023

The European Commission has adopted the 12th edition of the European List of Ship Recycling Facilities, which renews the listing of two shipyards located in Turkey and one in the USA and extends the expiration date of the listing of one shipyard located in Finland and five listed shipyards in Norway. Additionally, the new list removes three facilities located respectively in Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway because they are no longer engaged in ship recycling.

Source: Industrias Pesqueras | Read the full article here

Other Media | FishFarmer: Nova Austral unions in plea to Chilean government

Friday, December 08, 2023

Trade unions representing workers at the troubled Chilean salmon company Nova Austral have sent a message  to the government pleading not to let the business go under.

Nova Austral, which farms in southern Chile, is said to owe more than US $500m (£409m). The company employs 800 people directly and supports some 2,000 indirect jobs.

Nova Austral creditors are currently considering whether to accept a rescue package for the company – but their decision has been delayed several times.

Source: FishFarmer | read the full article here

Other Media | SeafoodSource: Grupo Calvo changes name to Nauterra

Friday, December 08, 2023

Carballo, Spain-based Grupo Calvo has changed its name to Nauterra.

The 80-year-old fish-canning firm is rebranding to give itself a unifying umbrella entity for its Calvo, Nostromo, and Gomes Da Costa brands.

“Accompanying the rebranding is a new visual identity and a renewed emphasis on offering consumers healthy and quality food options,” it said in a 16 November press release.

Author: Cliff White / SeafoodSource | read the full article here

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